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Since 2014, I have written sponsored content for a variety of corporate clients, including The Boston Globe, Runner’s World, Wild Blueberries Association of North America, Runcoach/Movecoach, and Fleet Feet Sports. Below is a selection of articles. Additional samples are available upon request.

The Boston Globe
In 2017, The Boston Globe’s Brand Lab hired me to write 8 stories on behalf of the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership, a coalition of tourism agencies for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland/Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. The content ran on Boston.com. 

Five Unexpected Adventures in Nova Scotia

Taste Nova Scotia: A bounty of fresh seafood and fine wines

Top Five Places to eat in Newfoundland and Labrador

10 Must-See Sights in Newfoundland and Labrador

Exploring the great outdoors on Prince Edward Island

Small towns offer big adventures on Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick: Beauty and culture just over the border

New Brunswick: You won’t find more natural beauty

Runner’s World
Throughout 2016 and 2017 the Integrated Marketing Department of Runner’s World magazine has tapped me to write sponsored content on behalf of Reebok, Mizuno, Saucony, and Nature’s Choice dog food, which ran in the print and digital issues of the magazine.

Reebok and Ragnar Team Up to Offer the Ultimate Team Relay Experience

How to Prep for a Legendary Relay Race

Packing 101: Tips for the Reebok Ragnar Relay Race

Making Every Mile Mean More at the Reebok Ragnar Relay

Get Moving With These Dog-Friendly Runs!

Wild Blueberries Association of North America
I have written a series of articles for Westbrook-based Ethos Marketing on behalf of their client the Wild Blueberry Association of North America. These articles target wholesalers and school nutrition professionals.

Wild Blueberries: The Not-So-Secret ingredient to One New York Restaurant’s Award-Winning Pancakes

Wild Carries Powerful Brand Cache With Customers According to Luke’s Lobster

Flavor-packed wild blueberries make good medicine

At Maple Hill Creamery & Organic Valley, Wild Blueberries + Grass-Fed Yogurt = A Perfect Pair

Wild Blueberry French Toast: Simple + Healthy = Yummy

Breakfast Participation Surges from 4 to 24% With Wild Blueberries

Fleet Feet Sports, Inc.
Since 2014, I have been writing articles about training, nutrition, and injury prevention for Fleet Feet Sports Inc. The stories are posted on the Fleet Feet blog, and distributed through newsletters by individual stores across the country. A few examples below:

Pre-Training Prep

4 Ways You’re Making Your Running Injuries Worse

Set Process Goals and Run Your New PR

Prepare to Train

5 Ways to Prevent and Relieve the Negative Effects of Sitting

5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier, Fast