Mentions in the Media

I am periodically called by other journalists to share my perspective on running. I have appeared on ESPN, and been quoted in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Runner, writer and Yarmouth resident Jen Van Allen on her new book ‘Run to Lose’
Interviewed by The Portland Press-Herald about the book, and what I learned about food in the process of writing it. 

Running and Losing Weight Don’t Always Go Together
Tips for balancing training and weight-loss goals shared with Philadelphia Inquirer running columnist Jen A. Miller.

7 Secrets to Becoming a Runner – For Life
Tips shared in The Washington Post Health section

The Best Ways to Ramp Up to a Marathon
Quoted in The Wall Street Journal about how to build mileage.

How to fuel for your long-distance race (Video)
Advice for ESPN’s Sage Steele  on how to fuel for a long-distance race.

Training Tips (Part One) and Training Tips (Part Two)
Two-part Interview with blogger Margo Donahue (Brooklyn Fit Chick) with training tips for an upcoming marathon or half-marathon.

Time of the Ancient Marathoner
Story by Peter Sagal (host of NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! )about training for and achieving a new personal-best time in the marathon (3:09), with the help of coaching from myself and the other experts in The Runner’s World Challenge.

RW’s Own Ultra Editor
This is an interview with Mark Remy, Editor at Large for Runner’s World, after winning the 20in24 Back on my Feet race in 2008.

Urban Ultramarathon (Video)
Runner’s World Video (produced by Geoffrey Baker), documenting my experience at the 20in24 event.

A Marathon Support Crew of One
My husband Peter Van Allen wrote a story for the New York Times about crewing me for the Boston Marathon.

Getting Back to Nature, Complete With Blisters and a Pile of Tires
Peter wrote a story for the New York Times about our adventure hiking the 50-mile Batona Trail.