PeterBoatMy feature stories have appeared in The Portland Press Herald, The New York Times, and other publications. Here are a collection of some of my favorites. (Older stories published under my maiden name – Jennifer Goldblatt).




Still vital for urban commuters, Portland Trails’ network turns 25
Portland Press Herald – May 8, 2015

Children’s book illustrator Chris Van Dusen talks rhyme, writing and Maine as inspiration
Portland Press Herald – February 1, 2015


Maine women welcome a sea of opportunities
Portland Press Herald – October 5, 2014

At Portland’s doughnut destination, you’d better get ’em while they’re hot
Portland Press Herald – September 30, 2014

Gary Allen and the Great Cranberry Island 50K
An ultramarathon off the coast of Maine as unique as its director–had its best, and last, run.
Running Times – August 2013

Can Love and Running Coexist?
You and your partner both love running and being together. So why doesn’t it go so well when you actually run together?
Runner’s World – June 2013

Survival of the Fittest
After a near-fatal accident, Brian Boyle began an amazing journey of endurance.
Runner’s World – April 2010

Blume’s Day

The New York Times – November 14, 2004

Cheaper by the Half-Dozen? Hardly
The New York Times – October 17, 2004

Repent! Repent! Ye E-Z Pass Offenders
The New York Times – September 5, 2004

IN PERSON: Ultrarunner Ed Dodd
The New York Times – July 25, 2004

IN PERSON: JOE POON – A Stirred and Fried Burst of Energy
The New York Times – June 6, 2004

How to Keep Them Down on the Farm
The New York Times – March 7, 2004

More Women Turn to Farming
The New York Times – March 7, 2004

The Chips are Down
The New York Times – February 1, 2004

A Tale of Salvation
The New York Times – January 11, 2004

Trapped in the 30s On the Radio
The New York Times – January 11, 2004

Who Let the Dogs Out?
The New York Times – December 3, 2003

Can Goat Meat be the next Cash Crop?
The New York Times – November 30, 2003