10258224_10203312910397898_7719799531222486450_o (4)My essays have been published in Runner’s World,  Running Times,  Rower’s Digest, The Island Trail, and other publications.

Going to Great Lengths for Good Water
The Island Trail —a publication of the Maine Island Trail Association   June 2015

Spring Break
Historic Richmond’s merry 10-K gives a mother-to-be a boost for the home stretch.
Runner’s World – April 2012

Don’t Ask Me How I Did
Running Times – October 2011

We All Stink Sometimes
Main Line Today – January 2011

Home Run (print edition only; story available upon request)
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Runner’s World – November 2010

Mars and Venus Go for a Run
And discover that a life partner isn’t necessarily the best training partner.
Runner’s World – October 2010

Rower’s Ear
For me the toughest part of learning to row was getting to the dock.
Rower’s Digest – August 2007.